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How I Lost 20 Pounds by Cutting out Sugar

weight loss by cutting out sugar

Let me start off by saying I have a huge sweet tooth. I find it very difficult to refrain from cakes, cookies, candy, and ice-cream. The saying is true is that; "the foods that taste good are bad for you". But I knew that in order for me to drop those few pesky pounds I needed to cut down on my sugar intake. I knew that it was going to be a challenge because this is something that I have struggled with all my life.

To be clear, I have always been on the slim side wearing sizes 6-8 for most of my adult life. But then I started to slowly gain some weight.  I began to panic when I struggled to fit into my size ten clothing. Then I knew I had to do something fast. I am 5 foot 5 1/2 inches, and although I did not look overweight in other people's eye's they would mention how tight my clothes were. My clothes were not tight, I was putting on weight at an exponential rate and was not about to buy a new wardrobe to accommodate my new size. So I started to do a lot of research on ways in which I can lose weight. And I knew that sugar was the main culprit of my gaining weight in the first place. So that had to be dealt with first.

I wondered how I would accomplish such a feat but knew that had to be done. Walking through the candy aisle of the supermarket without picking anything up was very hard. So eventually I stopped working in that aisle altogether. There was a vending machine outside of my office that was filled with sweet and fattening goodness that I also had to bypass. It was not easy because everyone in the office would snack frequently throughout the day. But I was determined not to let this get in my way of progress.

Another thing that needed to change was my poor eating habits. Often times I did not eat breakfast. But in my research, I learned that not eating breakfast will make you overeat throughout the whole day in order to compensate for what was missed in the morning. So I changed that.  I would get up a little earlier and make breakfast filled with protein. Eating protein in the morning will prevent you from being hungry throughout the course of the day. I heard that statement all the time but I didn't really believe it until it worked for me. And found myself eating less throughout the day.

Sugar also comes in the form of carbohydrates, which I ate a lot of. Yes, I love my rice, potatoes, and pasta. I wasn't going to cut this off completely because carbohydrates have its place in any diet. But I definitely could reduce the number of carbs I ate to 1/3. I added more vegetables to my diet in place of what I would be missing. So my lunch and dinner consisted of protein, about 2 tablespoons of carbs, and 2 cups of vegetables. And when I needed a snack between meals I would eat fruits.

Another benefit I gained from this journey was the amount of energy that I felt. I would not get tired as I used to. I would wake up feeling more refreshed. I drank a lot more water which also helped with my endurance. My face became clear and my complexion smoother. I did not do that much exercise but I found myself being more fit and toned. Well, I do a lot of walking so maybe that helped with the fitness.

This change in my diet proved to be very effective. In my first week, I lost whopping 4 pounds and I never felt deprived or hungry like I would before. When your body gets used to not eating something it craves it less and less. My cravings for sweets have been diminished but not gone altogether. But because my caloric intake is smaller I can afford to eat a little sweet here and there. Before I knew it I lost 10 pounds and finally, my clothes were fitting normally again. Everyone wanted to know what I was doing and when I told them that most of my weight loss mainly contributed to cutting out sugar they were shocked.

Nine months and 20 pounds off later I would definitely call this a success. My original goal was to lose 25 pounds but I look pretty thin the way I am now and I am pleased with the end result. I managed to keep the weight off after all these months. I have not been eating as healthy as I should be but I still manage to keep the weight off. I guess that's because I do more exercising now and the calories that I do consume is still within a healthy range.

I still enjoy my sweets but I know to keep the consumption of it at a minimum. With the right determination and discipline weight loss can be achieved. Just remember to keep your eyes firmly focused on your goal.