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How to Give your Face a Lift Through Exercise

A sagging face can be fixed quickly with simple facial exercises, which is a great alternative to dangerous and costly surgical procedures. The regular choice for surgical procedures is performing chemical lifts, but these ones can be performed in clinics only in the majority of cases. They can also be expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, creams can make your skin softer, but they do not provide any results dramatic enough for major sagging and deep lines. In some cases, they can ruin your skin complexion.

If you want to look a few years younger without risk, costs or too much effort, you can spend ten minutes a day to do some facial exercises. In this, way, you can get rid of frown lines and make your skin firmer. There are many problems that can be solved through this method: double chin, upper eyelid, sagging jowls, facial stretch etc. The face muscles have to be stimulated just like you would through regularly exercising the body. Let's see how we can do some exercises to get rid of wrinkles for different parts of your face. You will also be able to maintain the tone of your skin and have fine lines.

For the eyes, you can do this: close them tightly, for a while raising the eyebrows as much as you can. This helps you alleviate bags and strengthens the muscles in the area. The cheeks can be helped if you smile as hard as possible and place your fingers on top of the bones of the cheeks. Then push down as hard as you can while you are smiling. You can also fill your mouth with air and push it to each side of the cheeks.  The jawline is also important because it is the place where you usually see sagging skin. Pull the jawline back away from the mouth like you would have tasted something bitter. Keep the mouth open and make a grimace. The muscles near the lips also matter. Hold the lips in the "O" position in cycles of three seconds.

These exercises represent just a small part of what you can do for making your face look a few years younger. They may not replace surgery, but they can be used as a good and reliable alternative. Facial exercises can be perfect for people who want to avoid surgery or to use of chemicals. Not only can the appearance of your face be improved, but also its health.