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Diet & Exercise for Hair Care

Ever wondered how some women have long and healthy looking hair? But when you look at your own hair it doesn't even compare? For years many people have been searching for ways to effectively grow their hair.

Many experts believe that the average hair grows about a half an inch a month. Face it, everybody's hair does not grow the same. The growth and health of your hair depend on many different factors including genes, diet, and health. The good news is you can actually grow hair longer and stronger if you start taking care of it.

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Remember the old saying that you are what you eat? Well, that statement is true on so many levels. Eating the proper foods can definitely have a huge impact on our overall health which in turn can have a positive effect on our outward appearance including skin and hair.

Foods rich in protein such as Salmon, nuts, beans, meat, and eggs are beneficial and vital for hair growth. Other foods rich in vitamins can also promote a healthy mane. Leafy green vegetables specifically spinach is rich in vitamins a and c that helps your body produce sebum which is an oil that your hair follicles produces naturally which is good for your hair growth. Vitamin c also helps with circulating blood, which increases hair growth. Exercising too can stimulate hair growth, it regenerates healthy cells which promote healthier hair follicles which promote healthy hair.