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Successful Weight Loss Goals

When it comes to successful weight loss, the biggest challenge that people face is simply getting started. They just do not have a clue about where to start.  If you are one of these people then keep reading.  It doesn't really matter how many pounds overweight you, you can benefit from the information provided.

The first step to successful weight loss is to set some realistic goals. Goals should be used in the same way as milestones are used on streets. Just as without any milestone, you will have no idea of where you are going, without a goal, you will have no idea of how much work you need in order to shed all the extra pounds!

First, you should ask yourself some questions:
1. How much weight do I want to lose?
2. When do I expect to lose all the weight?

Then write answers to these questions on a sheet of paper. Writing your goals is one of the guaranteed ways of making sure that you never forget them! Write your weight loss goals on a piece of paper, or even type it on your computer and save it so that you can make copies anytime you need it and stick each paper on every place you can.
Make sure you don't forget to stick this paper on your refrigerator and kitchen since it is in these places that you can be tempted and ruin your weight loss efforts!

Setting goals are just not enough; in order to make the goals possible, you must set REALISTIC goals. If you have a goal of losing fifty pounds within a couple of weeks or a month, that is not going to happen. Setting such unrealistic goals for you will squash the very effect of goal setting.  Such unrealistic goals will cause you to ultimately fail and you will be disappointed and frustrated with yourself.  Set small and attainable goals for yourself so that when you attain them, you will feel more confident to move forward.