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Make Beauty Your Own

No doubt beauty is all around us and it cannot be defined by one criteria anymore for every woman is beautiful in her own unique way. 
Thirty years ago when you look on the cover of a magazine you would see the "typical" commercial looking features. Nowadays you would see women of all races and sizes because beauty has evolved so much that society is starting to appreciate that there is not one standard of beauty but many. gone are the days when classical features and a size four were considered the staple of beauty. With the world changing everyday people are more accepting that beauty comes in all forms of shapes and sizes.

Every woman deserves to feel special and to be secure within themselves. As beauty morphs into shape consider how proud you should feel to be a woman. Look in the mirror for a few minutes. What do you see? Are you overly critical at every flaw in your appearance? You not alone, everyone has flaws and no matter how hard we may try to cover them up. No one is perfect and as we age these changes will be more prominent. What are you going to do about it?
The advancement of beauty has come a long way with more and more cosmetic procedures being performed everyday. It is now possible to have a face lift in the time it takes to have lunch. Chemical peels and botox are very popular and gives us confidence that we can bring back or retain our appearance for years to come. 
Beauty is all around us, it is who we are. Let's embrace all the choices we have these days. Let your beauty shine.

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