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How to Accentuate Your Best Features in 5 Easy Steps

When you look in magazines and in TV advertisements, the best makeup looks like the women aren't wearing any. One feature, such as eyes or lips, is accented while the rest of the face is neutral. Achieving this look is easier than you think. There are five easy steps in which you can accentuate your best features in 5 easy steps.

1. First, find a foundation that matches your skin tone. If you can, choose three shades and put a swipe of each on your face, going from your cheek to your jawline. Whichever one looks like it disappears is the one you want. Apply it all over your face.

2. Next, use your concealer or highlighter. For years, I thought (and was taught) that you put concealer/highlighter on before foundation. That works, but it's not the best way to do it. Apply your foundation, then your concealer or highlighter. You won't need to use as much of it this way.

3. What color of blush should you use? This always stumped me. Then I read that you should choose a blush that is closest to your natural blushing color. Use your fingers or a specialized brush to apply the blush to your cheekbones in a circular motion. Put it on the widest part of your cheeks when you smile. This naturally accentuates your cheekbones and facial structure. Before going to step 4, decide which you want to play up: Your lips or your eyes? For people who wear glasses, I recommend playing up lips, but the choice is entirely up to you.

4. To play up your eyes: Choose a color palette that makes your eyes stand out. For best results, look at a color wheel. Find your eye color and see what shade is opposite that on the color wheel. Use a palette in that color family. You can do up your eyes in different ways. The standard look uses three colors: lightest at your brow bone, medium at the crease, and darkest on the eyelid.

Blend your eye shadow afterward using either a brush or your ring finger since that's the weakest finger on your hand and will do the least damage to your eyes. For a smoky eye, you can use any color you want. Smoky doesn't mean it has to be black. Using your preferred color palette, do your eye as with the standard look, but don't blend as much. Also, put the darkest shadow under your eye and smudge it. For a change of pace, use the lightest color from your brow bone to the crease. 

Put eye shadow on your blush and pat it on instead of brushing it. This gives a more intense color wash. Use the darkest color as your eyeliner. Finish the look with your favorite eyeliner and mascara. For a neutral eye, use a combination of creams, tans, and browns and use the standard eye look.

5. To play up your lips: If you have it, use a lip primer to reduce the look of lines in your lips, especially if they are dry. Line your lips with a matching color or a clear lip liner. If you have thin lips, the line just outside your natural lip line to make them look fuller.
Use the liner all over your lips to help your lipstick last longer and prevent bleeding outside the lines. Apply your favorite lipstick shade. For dramatic lips, you can't go wrong with a classic red. Another way to make your lipstick last longer is to use a clear lip gloss over your color. You can also play with color and change color depending on the lip gloss you use over your lipstick. If you prefer a matte look, you can even just wear the lip liner over your entire lips.

There are many ways to play up your best features, whether that is your skin tone, lips, cheekbones, or eyes. These five steps are the easiest (and quickest) way to achieve the look you want.
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Healthy Foods for Better Health

Having the right diet will give you the health benefits that you need including healthy, glowing skin. To have healthy skin, you need vitamin A. You should take low-fat dairy products for vitamin A benefits. I would recommend low-fat yogurt because in addition to the vitamin A it offers it also has a live audiophiles bacterium that enhances intestinal health. Berries and plums should be taken after meals. Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and other berries should be regularly eaten because they contain antioxidants that protect the damage of the membrane of the body cells. These fruits are rich in essential antioxidants. 

Other foods like salmon, walnuts, flaxseed, or canola oil have essential fatty acids. The fatty acids will make your skin become healthy.

The fatty acids develop the cell membranes of the cells that protect the cells from harmful elements. The cell membrane allows the passage of nutrients into the cells. Olive oils are good for your body because it makes your skin look young and smooth. Apart from fruits and vegetables that contain a number of minerals and vitamins, the fats have a role to play in the body by providing calories. 

The right amount and type of fat should be considered when you want to take advantage of this food constituent. It is recommended to take two tablespoonful’s of olive oil over salads, pasta or vegetables. Take adequate amounts of Whole-wheat bread, muffin, and cereals. If possible add turkey, tuna and Brazil nuts in the diet. These fat-free foods should be taken in the right portions. It will also be advantageous to take foods containing selenium like avocado, Brazil nuts, mushrooms, and shellfish to name a few. Selenium is a powerful mineral that plays many roles including protecting the skin from the sun and other agents. 

Other foods that should be a part of your diet includes green tea which is anti-inflammatory, lots of vegetables especially the green leafy ones that are good for energy, a healthy heart, and a powerful immune system.

Also remember to take at least 6-8 glasses of water daily for dehydration, cleaning, and overall well-being. 

The foods that you eat should also be assessed by evaluating the quantity of the food that you take. Eat healthily and live well, that is the true slogan.   

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Put an End to Excess Sweating

Excessive sweating can be one of the most embarrassing situations you can encounter. It's one thing to work up a sweat while at the gym for intense workouts but it is quite another to sweat excessively when not exercising.

It can be especially distressing when meeting someone for the first time and you want to make a good first impression. It can be a nightmare for someone who is interviewing for a new job and extends their hands during to the interviewer only for it to be wet and clammy with sweat.

Perhaps you've tried many different types of products on the market that makes promises of a solution but fail to deliver. There are many natural and homemade products that have been effective for some but unfortunately not worked too well for others.

You need something that has a 100% success rate; yes, you heard right, 100% success rate of getting rid of embarrassing sweat. If you suffer from any kind of illness or condition that causes your body to produce extreme perspiration, then you will find this product especially beneficial for you or someone you love.

Based on hundreds of testimonials and real-life users who have been struggling with excessive sweating for years can attest to this extraordinary product. So, if you know someone who perspires and has not found a lasting solution please let them know about this remarkable, one of a kind solution and take your life back.
Find out more on how to Get rid of excessive sweating by clicking here. 

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Simple Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

Eyes take up the most prominent place on our face. Being blessed with big beautiful eyes greatly enhances one's ability to use makeup. The right eye makeup tips and tricks can enhance the eyes of any size. Use eye-makeup very sparingly, as too much use can harm the skin around the eye. Moreover, keep in mind not to use harsh chemical eye-make-up-removers as it can have a negative reaction on the skin.

Applying smoky eyes makeup is a good choice for drawing attention, also. A key point to consider is the eye shadow color. The beauty of this method is that it fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes. The first thing you want to do is to apply eyeliner and the base eye shadow over the upper lid while blending with a base brush. Next, apply a clean color over the eye, from eyelid to brow.

Eye makeup application is a fun way to express your taste and individual style.

Some easy eye makeup tips.
Use eye shadows that fit your personality or as a way to express your mood. Apply a lighter shade over the entire eyelid and a medium shade on the lower eyelid. After that, try applying darker colors for creating more depth. The best place for doing that is the outer corner. Next, apply a little eyeliner, from the center of the eye to the corners. Finally, apply mascara. For dark eyes, black or dark brown is recommended. A dark eye shadow should be applied from the lid to crease, for a dramatic effect. Finish the look off by applying two layers of black mascara and work a little on your eyebrows for a bold smoky eye look.

Different Types of Eye Makeup

For small eyes, use a light shade of powder for the middle of the lid and a darker shade in the outer corner.

Almond-shaped eyes should use a light powder shade from lashes to the brow, a medium shade on your lid, and a darker shade on the outer third of your eyelid.

Wide-set eyes should apply a darker shade in the inner corner while blending up and out. Concentrate eyeliner and mascara on the inner corner of the eye.

Close-set eyes should use one color, varying from a light to darker shade. Start with the lightest shade about one-third away from the inner corner of your eye, while blending darker shades up and out. Finish up the look by applying eyeliner on the outer half of your eye.

Round eyes should apply a light-colored shadow over the whole lid and a darker shade in the crease. Apply eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids, and use mascara on the upper outer lashes.

Deep-set eyes - Apply eyeliner on both the upper and lower lids, keep in mind to smudge and soften the line.

Eye Makeup Tips

1. Use Shany's eye shadows to reflect the mood.


2. Apply the lightest shade over the entire eyelid.

3. Apply the medium shade on the lower eyelid.

4. When applying eyeliner use short strokes, starting from the corner of the eye.

5. Apply mascara to finish your makeup look. 

6. The darkest shade should be applied to the outer corner of the eye to create depth.

7. Try not to wear bold eye makeup and a bold lipstick at the same time.

8. Do not be too dramatic.

By following these useful tips it will significantly improve your makeup experience.

Shop SHANY Cosmetics now is all natural makeup line free of synthetic materials, are cruelty and paraben free and are not tested on animals. 
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5 Tips for Handling Stress

Tips to handling stress

In these trying times, stress has become a part of some people’s everyday life. Ongoing stress can wreak havoc on the body. Researchers have long said that stress can block the body's natural ability to repair itself. Many diseases are caused by stress-related issues such as insomnia, depression, obesity, and chronic disease.

The good news is that stress can be managed through effective techniques to help ease anxiety and pressure. So what are some of the ways in which to deal with stress?

Isolating Stress Causes
The first step in dealing with stress is to figure out what is causing it. One helpful way to do this is to create a list of certain stressful environments that you deal with on a regular basis and try improving them. For example, getting up late and having to hustle to make it work on time.

Relaxation methods have long been proven to reduce stress. One way to do this is exercising for example yoga, running, or Pilates. You will find that after a while you will be able to handle stress better and to become a calmer person. Remember to keep practicing these methods if they will help you to be more relaxed.

Get More Sleep
Sleep Experts recommend that we should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Unfortunately, most people do not employ this and think that they can exist on 4 to 5 hours of sleep every night. Sleep restores our bodies and helps to rejuvenate our minds. Try not to turn on the TV when you are trying to get sleep. Your bedroom should be a safe haven where you escape the stresses of that day.

Give Yourself a Break
Sometimes all it takes is a nice brisk walk outside to clear your head and take your mind off of whatever anxieties you have. You do not have to go on a fancy vacation or retreat. Just a simple stroll in the park or a day at the beach will make you feel better with a fresher outlook.

Pamper Yourself
There is nothing like a wonderful massage or a session at the salon to help you feel relaxed.
You can make this a monthly ritual that you do to help you to recharge not to mention is a completely invigorating experience.

Stress happens and is oftentimes unavoidable. But what we choose to do about it is up to us. These suggestions can be quite helpful to help you reduce the amount of stress in your life.

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