May 2017 - Real Beauty Spotlight


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3 lemon recipes for glowing skin

lemon for glowing skin

The lemon is one of the most common ingredients found in beauty and homemade formulas. It is a multipurpose fruit that performs many functions for the face, body and internal health. From a refreshing drink of lemonade to a powerful cleaning agent and everything in between, it surely does provide a lot of benefits. Here are three lemon recipes for glowing skin:

Sugar and lemon
One tablespoon of white or brown sugar
One-half of a lemon
Mix ingredients together to create a paste and apply it to your face. Wash off with cool water then apply moisturizer. If you are going in the sun remember to use sun block with an SPF of at least 20 This scrub not only cleans your face but it will give you a bright glow. The coarseness of the sugar will eliminate impurities from the skin for a deep clean and the lemon which has natural brightening properties will make skin glow. You should apply this scrub every two to three times a week as part of your beauty regimen. You will notice clear blemish free skin in a few short weeks.

Baking soda and lemon
2 tablespoon baking soda
One tablespoon of lemon juice
Mix ingredients together to form a paste. Wet face and apply the mixture in a circular motion to create that scrubbing effect. If you have sensitive skin and think this might be too harsh, add a little bit of honey soothing effect.  It’s also worth noting that honey has natural antiseptic properties that are good for skin healing. Baking soda is widely used for many things including the home, can be taken internally for health and provides great results for skin care. Baking soda is very effective in the removal of dead skin cells, acne scars and excess dirt and oil. If you use this method for a mask, let it stay on the skin for 15-20 minutes until dried then rinse off with cold water. 

Lemon and cucumber
Make your own toner with this refreshing mixture.
1 tbsp cucumber juice
One tablespoon lemon
After mixing these two ingredients together place it in a spray bottle and spray on your face. This mixture will help you to regulate the pH balance of your skin. Leave on your skin for 10-15 minutes then wash off with cool Water.

Remember lemons are acidic and can be prone to stinging the face so if you have sensitive skin take caution. After using lemons on your face it is always a good idea to moisturize afterward as they cause drying of the skin.  Applying the proper sunscreen is also very important in good skin care. There are many benefits for using lemon in skin care and it will go a long way in your quest for great skin.
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Nail Care Basics

How to take care of your nails

Have you ever seen someone walk by and instantly noticed how incredible their nails looked?  It is something that is a admired by many especially women who take a lot of pride in the care of their nails. By following simple nail care basics your nails can be healthy in no time. It is part of a completed look that can enhance any occasion.

Taking care of your fingernails is part of how you showcase your look in public. It can be part of a fashion statement and a way to make a good first impression. Some Might view nail care as insignificant while others see it as a very important part of their beauty regimen. Regardless of the reasons for beautiful nails, you can do well to make sure that they at least look presentable. 

Our hands are one of the most used body parts. We use them every single day to fulfill many tasks such as opening doors, driving, eating, writing, applying makeup and many others. It is a body part that is always exposed to the public. Meeting someone for the first time, for example, a potential employer will no doubt shake your hand before an interview. Do you really want to present it yourself with bitten, jagged or dirty nails? No, you do not. You want to make sure that your nails are clipped, filed and clean to make a good first impression. What kind of a message do you think you will be sending out if your nails are unkempt? My guess is not a very good one. 

One of the ways in which you can take care of your nails to make sure that they are clean at all times. It is understandable of course if you do messy type jobs such as construction, paintings or gardening just to name a few. Jobs like those will be hard to keep nails clean. However, other times it's best to keep them looking beautiful if you want to create that special look that you were going for. It is not very hard to clean them. All you have to do is to make sure that you properly wash your hands and clean them properly with the end of a nail file. Another way in which you can make your nails look decent is by making sure that they are always filed neatly. Also applying cuticle gel can give your nails that special care it needs. Apply this along with any other nail care product designed for healthy nails regularly so that they can always be even and neat. Applying a nail hardener will also strengthen your nails and make them prone to less breakage. 

Weak nails are common in individuals who tend to have a poor diet. Nails and hair tend to go hand in hand with requiring the proper nutrients. So if you have hair that breaks easily chances are you will have nails that break easily. So make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables especially the leafy green ones and make sure you get plenty of water. 

After your nails have gone to the proper care you might see fit to jazz them up a little bit. A manicurist is a great option for adding that professional touch. And for extra flair, some people apply false nails when they can’t achieve their own growth.  If you are applying a nail polish make sure you choose one that perfect shade that really compliments your style. It shows that you are someone who takes your physical appearance seriously and wants everyone to know it. So step out in style. Make sure your nails look good so that your confidence will shine through on the inside as well as the outside.

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How to prevent razor burn while shaving

prevent razor burns

Every woman wants to have smooth hair free, beautiful legs. And most men like to be cleanly shaven. But sometimes razor burns occur while shaving them. An effective way to prevent razor burns from happening is to create a smooth surface for shaving on the wet skin. Exfoliating the skin is also very important prior to shaving. Try to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Using a body scrubber will prevent the Razor from burning the skin and enable it to glide easier. Do not ever shave on dry skin or it will be a rough and painful experience and can even cause bleeding in some instances.  By moisturizing, the skin through lathering it with a good shaving cream will soften it and make for a smooth shave. Shaving in the shower is an ideal place to do so as your skin is already wet and your pores already opened.

Also, keep in mind that you should change your razor regularly to prevent dullness of the blade. When the blade is old and dull, it can drag the skin and cause it to become irritated. So switching razors after every four to five shaves is ideal. A good razor will be a gentle yet effective solution to remove hair. If you get bumps while shaving you can treat them with soothers like Vaseline, aloe Vera gel or mild oil light almond oil or coconut oil. By taking some of these precautionary measures before and during shaving will make your experience will be a pleasant one.
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