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Quick Make-up Tips

Makeup Tips and Tricks

  1. Use a foundation that will not block your pores, especially if you have oily skin.  Oil based foundations block causes break outs.  It also leaves a greasy appearance that is very unattractive.  Try a mineral based foundation.  It does not block pores and allows skin to breathe.
  2. Use a primer before applying foundation or face powder for a matte look. The application will go on smoother and will last longer.
  3. Want fuller lips? Use a lip liner that is a couple shades darker than your lipstick, that way it looks natural and many wouldn't even notice that your wearing a liner.
  4. For thicker eyelashes take an eyeliner and line the top of your lids.  You can even brush the liner horizontally against your lashes for a full look. 
  5. To avoid cakey makeup, wait at least five minutes after you have applied moisturizer or foundation to apply face powder.