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Healthy food can be Tasty

Tasty Healthy Foods
Usually, people associate healthy foods with an undesirable taste. This actually scares many off from eating healthy. But if you want to lose weight and be at optimum health there exist very healthy and tasty foods. No matter what you consume; good taste is always a motivating factor. If it tastes good the first time, then you will give it a second chance. Healthy foods can be tasty. The correct sampling of spices is necessary for you to derive good taste out of food.

Fatty fish (salmon)

Most people under look the benefits of fatty fish, especially salmon. Salmon is loaded with omega three fatty acids which have numerous health benefits. Generally, omega 3 reduces the level of triglycerides which determines the amount of fat in the blood. Omega 3 fatty acids can help keep off many ailments such as blood pressure, major depression and arthritis. Salmon can be consumed with Brown rice as an accompaniment. Brown rice is equally delicious and easy to prepare. 



Add grounded garlic as a spice to the salmon soup and it will surely taste yummy. In addition, garlic adds a sweet and inviting aroma to your food. Garlic is known to have numerous health benefits. It has antibacterial, analgesic, and antiviral properties. In addition it is low in fat and therefore very healthy for someone on a weight loss program. Remember other spices are very expensive and contain lots of additives. Garlic on the other hand is natural and poses no harm when used as a spice.

Tomatoes and onions

Mostly, these are used as spices and are never considered a complete meal. They are great for making other meals tasty but can as well be consumed alone. Onion for instance is low in calories and helps fight chronic cardiovascular infections. Tomatoes on the other hand have antioxidant properties and are very ideal in the prevention of cancer. A great idea would be to fry onions in virgin olive oil, once they are ready add tomatoes and season with salt. This meal when served hot can be taken alongside brown bread or rice.

Chicken breasts

Chicken is generally healthy when compared to red meat. However not all parts of a chicken are ideal for someone watching out on weight and health. It also depends on the cooking method used. Chicken breasts are considered great as they are low in fat, and contain no carbohydrates. Instead chicken breasts are enriched with sodium and proteins. Consuming a meal rich in proteins helps you stay full for long. Proteins also require more energy to digest, this therefore speeds up metabolism and the amount of calories consumed.A delicious chicken recipe can include roasted kale as well. Roasted kale is crispy and adding lemon juice will spice up the dish.

Leafy greens

Never exclude green vegetables in the list of healthy and delicious foods. Spinach for instance can be thawed and dipped into pasta sauces, omelets and soups. Spinach has several vitamins which include K, A and C. Broccoli is also a super vegetable loaded with vitamins and minerals like K, C and A, E, fiber and chromium and is an excellent Cancer fighter. Broccoli can be steamed for no longer than 5 minutes and sprinkled with a little salt or butter paired with tasty lean chicken breasts for a satisfying and flavorful meal. You can also try collard greens and dip it in sandwiches or salads. The good thing with vegetables is that you can be creative with them. For instance you can derive salads, soups and sandwiches out of ordinary green vegetables.


Most legumes are very tasty and loaded with important nutrients as well. Lentils for instance are very sweet, cooks in less than 20 minutes and are nutritious. Lentils are specifically good for the heart. Other legumes include black beans, and peas. They are delicious and can be consumed alongside, bread, rice, or vegetables.



The list of healthy and delicious food is endless. The key thing is learning how to prepare them yourself. This way you will know what flavors work best with particular foods. Adding vegetables and fruits to your daily meals will be very beneficial to your health and you will not have to sacrifice taste.