October 2015 - Real Beauty Spotlight


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Exfoliating bath gloves for the body

Exfoliating GlovesJust when you thought exfoliating couldn’t get any better they invent the very handy, very effective exfoliating bath gloves for the body.  What is an exfoliating glove you may ask? It’s only one of the best inventions for skin cleaning out there. Instead of simply using scrubs with just your fingers, you slip these gloves on, use your favorite soap or body wash and get a good lather and start scrubbing away.  These gloves are very sturdy gloves that can be adjusted to fit over your hands to keep them from falling off during your scrubs. They are lightly textured to effectively exfoliate the layers of dead skin cells and impurities on the body.  As a result, you are left with incredibly soft, smooth skin that is radiantly clean.  These gloves are also very effective for skin circulation and cellulite reduction.
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