2014 - Real Beauty Spotlight


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Sleeping Trouble And What You Can Do About It

What you can do About Insomnia

Trouble sleeping can spring from a wide array of problems and can lead to a restless night or sleep deprivation which can be very serious.  Listed below are some of the common reasons why people are having trouble sleeping and how to deal with those problems.
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The Eyelash Growth Experiment

Having long full eyelashes is something that almost every woman desires.  They are visually appealing and enhance your appearance. To achieve this look many women apply fake lashes or a ton of mascara to give the illusion of long, thick lashes.
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Five beauty products I cannot live without

Eye brow pencil – They help to fill in sparse areas of the brows which make it look full and natural. When applied with a steady hand try to follow the way of the brow.  I make an outline right outside my brow and then fill it in lightly so that it’s not too dark and over powering. Since my hair is dark brown I use a dark brown pencil to match. 

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My Favorite AVON Products

As an Avon representative I have a opportunity to use and recommend products that work well for me and countless other customers. 

Here are a few of my favorite Avon products that have worked well for me. 
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